The diabase quarry is located about 6 km south-southwest of the market town of Eibiswald, directly on the Slovenian-Austrian border. Diabase, a slightly metamorphosed basaltic hard rock, is excellently suited for the production of high-quality aggregates for the construction industry, especially for road construction, due to its properties. The expansion of the deposit as well as long-term mining contracts guarantee sustainable production for decades to come. Due to this pleasing reserve situation, it was decided to modernise the quarry from the ground up. Parallel to ongoing production, one of the most modern rock processing plants in Austria is being built, with completion planned for spring 2020. Particular attention is being paid to compliance with the highest standards of environmental protection and emission reduction, which will minimise the impact on the environment. Currently, the annual production at the Radlpass is approx. 400,000 t (of which approx. 170,000 t of crushed stone), which can be increased to over 600,000 t in the future. Directly adjacent to the existing quarry, the company owns 14 ha of its own land on Slovenian territory with approx. 7 million t of geologically proven diabase reserves. This deposit is strategically valuable as it is the only known mineable hard rock deposit in Slovenia. Technical designation of the products: Crushed and uncrushed aggregates of hard rock (diabase). Products:
  • Aggregates for the production of asphalt LA<20 PSV>52; EN 13043; G1-G7.
  • Aggregates for the production of unbound base courses U1 U6 U9.
  • EBK: 0/2, 2/4, 4/8, 8/11, 11/16, 16/22, 16/32
  • Frost protection and ballast material: 0/32, 0/63, 32/200, 0/70, 32/150, 70/250, 4/16, 16/32, 32/63


Diabase Quarry Radlpass
ALAS Klöch GmbH
St. Lorenzen 77
A-8552 Eibiswald


  • Asphalt aggregates for wear course (LA < 20, PSV > 52)
  • Asphalt aggregates for base corse
  • Aggregates for road concrete (LA < 20, PSV > 52, ASR resistent)
  • Road- Subbase
  • Back filling materials