The Klöch plant is located north of the market town of Klöch, about 10 km from Bad Radkersburg. In the quarry, over a length of about 1,200 m, the of young bliocene basalt. The Klöch basalt quarry lies on a "volcanic arc" that begins in Slovenia and continues via Carinthia towards south-eastern Styria. The Klöch quarry has an annual production of approx. 600,000 t, of which approx. 200,000 t are precious crushed aggregates. The high-quality raw material and the modern, highly automated processing plant enable the production of aggregates of excellent quality and maximum flexibility with regard to the production of a wide variety of grain sizes, depending on individual customer requirements. ALAS Klöch is thus the leading supplier of high-quality aggregates for road construction in Styria and Slovenia. A speciality of the Klöch quarry are the products made of lava tuff. These are widely used in horticulture due to their high porosity and high water storage capacity. Technical designation of the products: Crushed and uncrushed aggregates of hard rock (basalt). Products:
  • Aggregates for the production of asphalt LA<20 PSV>50; EN 13043; GS-G7
  • Aggregates for the production of concrete LA<20 PSV>50; ASR resistant; EN12620; GS
  • Railway ballast
  • Aggregates for the production of unbound base courses U1- U6 -U9
  • Horticultural products from lava tuff
  • EBK: 0/2, 0/2 washed; 2/4, 4/8, 8/11, 11/16, 16/22, 16/32, 4/22, 8/22, 11/22
  • Frost protection and ballast materials: 0/22, 0/32, 0/45, 0/63, 32/200, 0/70, 32/150, 70/250, 4/16, 16/32, 32/63
  • Railway ballast 31.5-63
  • Special products/special fractions: 2/6, 2/8, 2/8, 4/8 each washed for surfaces in road construction
  • Bulk material, quarry stones, stone powder
  • Lava horticultural products: 0/4, 4/22, 22/32, special sizes on request


Basalt Quarry Klöch
ALAS Klöch GmbH
A-8493 Klöch 71


  • Asphalt aggregates for wear course (LA < 20, PSV > 52)
  • Asphalt aggregates for base corse
  • Aggregates for road concrete (LA < 20, PSV > 52, ASR resistent)
  • Railway ballast – approved supplier forAustria and Slovenia
  • Road- Subbase
  • Back filling materials
  • Aggretages and Sand from Tuff