A gravel processing plant and a concrete plant are located at the Halbenrain site. Gravel is supplied from the extraction site in Sicheldorf. The wet dredging in Sicheldorf was the 1st EIA in the raw materials sector in Styria and ensures the sustainable supply of high-quality raw gravel to the Halbenrain site. Concrete range:
  • B1 -B9 all exposure classes ÖNORM B4710-1 EN 206
  • Ready-mixed concrete C 8/10, C 12/15, C 16/20, C 20/25, C 25/30, C 30/37, C 35/45, C 40/50, C 45/55
  • Special concretes: Readpor F52, pavement drain concrete 4/8 and 8/16, white tank, filter concrete 8/16 and 16/32
  • All products are distributed incl. delivery and concrete pump by means of a haulage contractor.


Concrete Plant Halbenrain
ALAS Klöch GmbH
A - 8492 Halbenrain 79


  • B1 - B9 all exposure classes according ÖNORM B4710-1 EN 206
  • Special concrete: Readpor F52 concrete for paving stone 4/8 and 8/16, waterproof concrete, filter concrete 8/16 and 16/32
  • concrete blocks