The Hafning-Trofaiach limestone quarry is located about 4 km north of Trofaiach on the Eisenbundesstrasse in the village of Friedauwerk. The deposit is a mineral raw material limestone free of mining with more than 95 % CaCO3. A mobile two-stage crushing plant is used to produce granulated blast furnace slag for the Donawitz steelworks and crushed aggregates for the production of unbound base courses. Products:
  • Aggregates for the production of unbound base courses U1 U6 U9
  • Crushed gravel 4/8, 8/16, 16/32, 32/63
  • Frost protection and ballast material 0/32, 0/63, 0/70
  • Bedding material 0/16, 16/32
  • Bedding and cable sand 0/4
  • Back filling materials
  • Quarry stone
  • Sand for steel industry


Kalksteinbruch Hafning-Trofaiach
ALAS Klöch GmbH
A-8793 Hafning bei Trofaiach


  • Road- Subbase
  • Back filling materials
  • Sand for steel industry (CaCO3 > 95%)