A gravel processing plant and a concrete plant are located at the Halbenrain site. Gravel is supplied from the extraction site in Sicheldorf. The dredging in Sicheldorf was the 1st EIA in the raw materials sector in Styria and ensures the sustainable supply of high-quality raw gravel to the Halbenrain site. Aggregates: Aggregates for the production of concrete, EN12620; stress class 1 Fractions 0/4, 4/8, 8/16, 16/22, 16/32, 0/16, 30/50, 50/120 Aggregates for the production of unbound base courses, EN14242 (U10) Channel trickle - rolled ballast Humus sieved (0/8) Special products:
  • BIG-BAG bagging, 1,000 kg
  • Concrete blocks
  • Lava granulations
  • Klöcher basalt 0/63, 0/32


Gravel Plant Halbenrain-Sicheldorf
ALAS Klöch GmbH
A-8492 Halbenrain 79


  • Concrete aggregates from natural gravel EN-12620
  • Natural gravel
  • Aggretages and Sand from Tuff